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Holiday & Vacation Loans – How To Get A Break Without A Budget 2017-10-02T21:44:31+00:00

Holiday & vacation loans

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vacation loansVacation Loans – giving you a break when you can’t afford one

Long work hours. Traffic. Stress. A break-up. Daily life can be incredibly demanding and we all know that in some periods of our lives, it doesn’t just rain – it pours and you feel like nothing’s going right in your life and that is why the concept of vacation loans came into existence.

As one new source of stress after another jumps out at you, you see a picture from the last vacation you took hanging on the fridge by a magnet.

You realize two things: the first being how happy you look in the picture and how much joy getting away brought you. The second thing you realize is that it’s been over five years since you’d been on that vacation. Plus, as a Canadian, you likely aren’t looking forward to the cold hard winds and the messy snow that will only make what you’re going through harder.

With everything you’re dealing with right now, a vacation could bring you everything you need to fulfill you. However, you don’t have the money to get away.

The vacation pay you’ve accrued isn’t quite enough. Speaking of vacation pay, you could definitely use some time away from the job and the confines of the office.

Is there a way for you to get on a plane or train and forget about your day to day grind for a week or two?

The answer is yes and we’re here to help you take a break – it comes in the form of vacation loans. This is your chance to live a “movie moment”.

Now the question is, where are you going to go? Want to go island hopping in the Caribbean? Get completely pampered on a cruise and watch the sun rise from the deck? Perhaps you’d like to go zip-lining in the jungles of Costa Rica? Or maybe you only need something a little simpler like a tour of San Francisco. LoanAway wants to help you make that happen.

Vacation Loans – how to get them

Applying for a vacation loan goes by as quickly as 8 minutes. Once we receive your application, we process your request as rapidly as possible and have been known to approve some applications in as little as two hours.

Unlike other private lenders, LoanAway helps keep vacation loans small so that when you get back you don’t find yourself immediately falling back into a pattern of stress. When you apply, one of our specialists will help you choose a solution that’s right for you.

You also have the benefit of choosing between weekly and bi-weekly repayment schedules for vacation loans and those payments can be extended according to your financial comfort level.

If you’d like, we can also offer you a lower interest rate if you’re open to a secured loan. A secured loan is one that sees you offering some form of collateral against your loan. This is a great option is your credit doesn’t have the highest rating.

You could realistically go from applying for your vacation loan to being on a plane within 48 hours of starting the process.

Don’t let bad credit get in the way of a much-needed getaway

It goes without saying that if you have good credit, getting vacation loans with LoanAway is pretty much a go, however, if you have a few strike on your record and your credit rating isn’t the best, we still encourage you to apply.

Our specialists have been extensively trained to help you work out the best possible solutions so that you can still get a loan and focus on planning your trip instead of continuing to wonder if you’ll ever go on another holiday.

Apply For A Loan Today

Do not mix up payday loans with vacation loans!

Far too many Canadians desperately needing a break from their day to day stress have made the mistake of turning to payday loans to finance their getaways. Big mistake.

Payday loans are designed to trap you into paying hefty penalties and going on vacation and missing some work time is almost a guarantee that you will not be able to repay that payday loan (principal plus interest) and will be subject to penalties that will keep you in debt for a good while and bring back the stress you were trying to escape.

Either fill out LoanAway’s online application form or give us a call at (toll free) 866-689-0059 and speak to one of our agents. They’ll be happy to take your call and help you come up with a vacation loan solution that will work for you (many of our agents are quite the travelers and would love to hear about your travel plans).


We are committed to provide best customer experience possible. Currently we offer personal term loans in Ontario, Alberta and Newfoundland, but do check back with us soon, as we are working on expanding our reach to other provinces and territories.

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