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Financial Tips For 2018

If you are not paying yourself first, are you financially stable? Financial experts repeat themselves quite often on the first rule of personal finance. Pay yourself first. Depending on your budget you should be paying yourself 5-20% Continue Reading

  • It is too hard to get out of debt with bad credit

Excuses That Will Keep You From Becoming Wealthy

Are you wealthy? No? Well, why not? If you have a cliche answer like "Personal finance is confusing" or "I have too much debt". Those excuses that everyone faces. No one is expecting to be Continue Reading

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The Main Reason Why People Get Rejected At Banks

The short answer is credit score. Most commercial banks do not want to take high-risk chances, however, just because your credit score isn't perfect, does this make you high-risk? Yes and no. Yes because regardless Continue Reading

  • USD since trump

U.S. Dollar Falling is Good Or Bad For Canadians?

The answer depends on which Canadian you ask. Most Canadians will probably say yes, it is good that the Canadian dollars is worth a similar amount to America. Canadians have been taking out loans to Continue Reading

  • David Bach millionaire formula

Follow this formula to become a millionaire – David Bach

Is there a secret to being a millionaire? Nope. There is a formula, however, it is unknown to most. It's quite simple to follow once you focus on your goal. Ready? Save 10-15% of your net income Continue Reading

Effective Tips That Will Help To Repair Your Credit

When attempting a credit repair to make your credit right once more, it is imperative that you present a solution to all those that you owe money to, and don't deviate from anything you commit Continue Reading

  • charles schwab what wealth means to americans

How Wealthy Do You Need To Be To Live In Major USA Cities?

The article by CNBC explains how much your net worth needs to be to be financially comfortable and how much you will need to be wealthy. The source of this information is from Charles Schwab report Continue Reading

Ways Young People Can Build A Strong Credit Record

Looking to build a strong credit history? Great. We are explaining just how to do that. It is not simple by no means, but if it was simple, everyone would have done it. Loan Away Continue Reading

Using Your Saving To Pay Off Debt?

Should or should you not? Well, this depends on several factors like if you have children, do you pay rent or a mortgage, debt interest rate, and more. We are using the example below from Continue Reading

  • credit card being inserted by womeen

No More PIN’s Needed For Credit Cards In 2018?

For the past several years, credit cards needed a PIN to be entered to complete a transaction. Recently, credit cards have introduced "tap", which allows consumers to complete small transactions which a need of using your Continue Reading

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