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No Credit Check Loans

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No Credit Check Loan

No credit check loans refer to the various types of loans that are granted without the usual credit checks and financial background checks.  These types of loans are very popular in Ontario and Canada as a whole.

There are times that a person needs a quick loan, but there is one thing that may hold them back.  That is, a good credit score.  A person having a poor credit history is said to have bad credit.  Such people don’t have the opportunity to access loans from the main banks or tradition lenders because of their bad credit score.

Furthermore, one other thing that may hold a person back from applying for a loan is that they may be unnerved by the number of checks that need to be done before being granted the loan. These include checking on one’s residence, finding out their total earnings or even requiring references and guarantors.

Although these may be major hurdles, it does not mean that you cannot gain access to a loan if you want one. There are a group of lenders outside of the traditional banks that will grant a loan without a credit check.

So, if you have bad credit and feel that you won’t be granted a loan after a credit check, or you just don’t feel comfortable that a credit check will be done on you when you apply for a loan, you could look for what is known as “No Credit Check Loans.” There are many loan companies offering no credit check loans in Canada, especially in Toronto, Ontario, and any of these companies will be happy to help you.

Breaking Down the No Credit Check Loans Thing

In Canada, a no credit check loan is any loan that is given without a credit check. It may be a payday loan in some aspects, and in others a personal loan that you would get from secondary lenders or other lenders.

However, there is one point that you should keep in mind. No credit loans are not cheap.  Usually, interest rates on these types of loans are higher than the normal rate of interest charged on loans in general.  A lender looking to provide no credit check loans in Canada is willing to take on the risk of lending money to people who have been identified through the credit scoring system as high risk borrowers.  As such they will be looking at charging a higher interest rate to balance of their losses and make a profit in the end.

These no credit check loan companies are in business to make money, not lose money.   For this reason, they will need to do everything possible to cover all their bases. As a no credit check loan is incredibly risky for any lender, you will find that in addition to the interest charged, there are additional fees and credit insurance charges to help the lender protect themselves against a possible default on the loan.

No credit check loans given in Ontario, Canada, for instance, are short term in nature. They have one convenience though, and that is, they are typically available within a short period of time after the loan is approved. Since they are not based on your credit score, they will typically be based on your income, very much like payday loans with no credit check in Ontario.

There are also no credit check loans that you can take out with collateral, and these will normally be available to you for a longer period of time. Car titles make it possible to get these loans as the amount borrowed is against the value of the vehicle. The catch is that should you not complete the payment for your loan in time, the lender can take possession of your car. There are other items that can be offered as collateral, as long as they have acceptable value and can be recovered in the event that the loan is not repaid as expected. That is why there is no need to check credit score Canada with this type of loan.

Does “No Credit Check Loans” Really Mean “No Credit Check Loans”?

This may be a bit confusing, but many of the loan companies that advertise no credit check loans actually do check your credit when considering your application for the loan.  They do so to assess the level of risk they are exposing themselves to and to determine the highest amount of loan they would give you.  The main difference is that they don’t put so much emphasis on your credit score, but rather on your ability to pay and where to find you in case you default on the loan.  Consequently, they do such checks like confirming your employment details, your salary from your employers and your residential address.

Therefore, really there are still some people who are rejected for a no credit check loan.  These are people who are not able to provide their employment detail and prove of income and residential address.

Requirements to get No Credit Check Loans

As mentioned above, if you want to apply for a no credit check loan, there is basic information that the lender will request from you. This includes the details of your name, age, address, as well as information on your employment and monthly salary. Once this basic information has been made available, then the loan can be processed and transferred within minutes.

It is at this point that you should take note of the amount that has been granted, how much you will be paying with each installment, and how long you will pay the loan back for. The period to pay back this type of loan is usually within three years.

What to Watch Out For About No Credit Loans

When taking these loans, also make sure you understand the terms fully and that you agree with any charges applicable on the loan. These include the actual interest rates that you are expected to pay, as well as any loan processing fees that may be required. Be careful when you are applying for a no credit check loan online. You must ensure that the lender you are looking at fully discloses all the risks and possible costs that are involved in getting the loan.

When to Take a No Credit Check Loan

Before you take a no credit check loan Canada, you need to check off the following from your personal checklist:

  • You have absolutely no emergency fund
  • There is no way to grow your credit score
  • The bank does not provide alternative options

After you have decided to take this loan, control the amount that you borrow so that you are easily able to make the payments. Remember, there are plenty of advantages of these loans including quick approvals and minimum requirements. There are no references required, and you do not need to have any credit history. Processing is also done within minutes. These loans are highly convenient when you find yourself in a bind.

It is also worth noting that the no credit check loan will not only help you to build your credit, but will also help you to access more traditional loans in future. Therefore, if you are looking at overcoming a bad credit situation, a no credit loan can help you in an emergency.  It will also help you to build your credit in future.

Loan Away Inc. is one of the loan companies that do not put much emphasis on your credit history, but rather on your ability to pay back the loan.  If you have bad credit or you don’t want your credit to be a deciding factor in getting a loan, contact  Your case will be considered positively, much in the same way as thousands of people who have secured Loan Away personal no credit check loans in Canada.

No Credit Check Loans


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