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home renovation loansWhy more homeowners are choosing home renovation loans from private lenders

So how do you feel about your present home? Is it the abode you look forward to coming home to each night after a hard day’s work? Do you feel the comfort a homeowner should? Or maybe you’re planning on selling your house. Whatever the case, home renovation loans could provide you with some much-needed help.

We’re not telling you anything you don’t already know when we mention that even modest home renovation loans can do a lot for your casa’s value (if you’re selling) or atmosphere (if you’re staying). If you want to keep living where you’re at, but lost that initial love you had when you first moved in, you’d be surprised how even some of the smallest renovations can have huge effects your abode’s ambiance.

If you’ve decided to put your home on the market – especially if the market you live in is very heated, home renovation loans could help as you get some impressive return on investment once you put your house up for sale and squeeze a few extra thousand dollars above the regular asking price. (You should certainly consider a home improvement loan if you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation).

With LoanAway’s home renovation loans you can get enough money to hire professionals who will get the job done right, rather than having you put your home decor at risk by attempting to be the handyman you aren’t. We’ve also issued home renovation loans to homeowners like yourself, who’ve decided to become landlords and turn one of their rooms into an income stream.

The beauty of turning a portion of your house into an income stream is that your loan would pay for itself. Imagine the ultimate value-building trifecta: turning your bathroom and kitchen into magazine cover-worthy rooms AND also building an income suite. Now that would help you add exponential value to your home that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

In some cases, we’ve had clients get loans to create a new room in their home to welcome a new addition to the family.

Home Renovation Loans from LoanAway

At LoanAway, if there’s one thing we clearly understand, it’s that whether you feel you desperately need to change something in your home in order to remain happy with it, or you’re planning to sell for as much as you can get, time is of the essence.

And since every home is different, our home renovation loans are designed to be flexible so that you can meet your exact needs and choose a budget and repayment you feel comfortable with.

Since you’ll be very busy getting your house in order after receiving your home renovation loan, we want to give you the time you need to sort things out. That’s why we can offer a repayment plan as flexible as 36 months.

We can also provide you with a loan of up to $5000 as soon as 24 hours after your home renovation loan has been approved. Best of all, the application process itself only takes minutes.

This is the reason so many homeowners now choose to come to us first for their home improvement loans instead of the very banks they’ve been doing business with for years – because we don’t follow rigid policies. We operate a lean organization that only requires the bare essentials to grant a loan.

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Do consider becoming a landlord

Home renovation loans are the only loans we consider as investments as landlords who choose to borrow money to renovate a portion of their homes income income units are positioning themselves to create an ongoing income stream that generates money a whole lot more easily than most other occupations.

Sure, you’ll encounter the occasional need for repairs and maintenance, however, homes that can offer an income suite have a lot more value when they go to market than regular homes that are only occupied only by the owners.

To put it in perspective: The average cost of rent in Canada is $1200 per month. The average monthly mortgage payment in Canada is $1328. As you can see, a tenant would pay off a massive amount of your home’s cost for you.


We are committed to provide best customer experience possible. Currently we offer personal term loans in Ontario, Alberta and Newfoundland, but do check back with us soon, as we are working on expanding our reach to other provinces and territories.

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