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Easy Loans – Where to Find the Right One For You 2017-11-09T19:42:35+00:00


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easy loansIf you’re looking for easy loans…

If you’re in a situation where you find yourself looking for easy loans, there are a few things you absolutely must know before signing anything. We’re about to explain to you how the easy loan that will save you today, will make your life a lot worse over the next few months (even years).

Let’s face the facts – if you’re in the market for easy loans, it’s because you’re likely in a situation that sees you living pay cheque to pay cheque. Or your existing credit cards are maxed. You have no savings…or all of those factors.

This means the regular banks – even the one you’ve been doing business with for years – have no interest in providing you with any help. Even if they did, they’d take 7 to 10 business days, only to decline your loan request, and by that time your situation is even more urgent.

For instance, if that last big rainfall resulted in some water damage in your basement, you need an easy loan that will be in your bank account now, not later. Or what about your car? Imagine hitting a nasty pothole the wrong way and you need to have urgent repairs made to your car’s axle or ball joints? That can cost you the equivalent of an entire pay cheque and if your credit card is maxed out, you need an easy loan more than ever.

When easy loans are just a little too easy

Then there is the easy loan option that far too many Canadian make the financially fatal choice of going with: payday loans.

On the surface, payday loans look like the ideal solution – they don’t run credit checks, most don’t ask for references and the process can be very quick. And that’s what makes their easy loans appear like a good idea at the time.

That is, until you realize later on, that you have to repay the principal you borrowed along with the interest. You take a look at what you need to buy with your next pay cheque and realize that you won’t be able to repay the payday loan in full.

That’s when the easy loan you took to solve a stressful situation just became a stressful situation of it’s own.

You wouldn’t believe how many of LoanAway’s customers are Canadians who fell into the payday loan trap and are now coming to us to lend them the money they need to get out of the payday loan and repay their debt at a far more reasonable interest rate.

Easy Financing from LoanAway

What if there was a middle ground between big banks and payday loans?

But there is – LoanAway is a private lender that will process your personal loan application up to 10 times faster than banks will, but without the outrageous interest charges attached to payday loans.

Our team of agents have been thoroughly trained to understand each and every applicant’s specific set of needs and personal circumstances to help you get the most customized solutions. They want to help you through your time of need with a loan solution that will be easy for you to manage.

Speaking of managing the repayment of your loan: Another way in which LoanAway provides superior easy loans: our repayment schedule is more flexible than the banks and payday loans industry – we give you up to 36 months to repay your loan. We also offer flexibility – we understand that anything can happen during your repayment period and if you need to change the date of a payment, we can accommodate you.

We can also provide our customers with up to $5000 within 24 hours, which is enough to cover most sudden emergencies.

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If you find yourself in an extremely stressful situation that is highly time sensitive, our agents will do everything in their power to fast-track your application so that you can resolve your problem in the quickest possible time frame. When calling LoanAway for help, be sure to ask about our re-loan program, which could help you with additional easy loans in the future should you ever find yourself in a tight situation without the adequate reserve of funds to tackle the issue.

Not only will these easy loans ensure you won’t find yourself in a precarious situation again, they will also help to repair your credit, making it easier for you to raise your credit limit with your existing credit card provider.


We are committed to provide best customer experience possible. Currently we offer personal term loans in Ontario, Alberta and Newfoundland, but do check back with us soon, as we are working on expanding our reach to other provinces and territories.

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