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Financial Tips For 2018


If you are not paying yourself first, are you financially stable? Financial experts repeat themselves quite often on the first rule of personal finance. Pay yourself first. Depending on your budget you should be paying yourself 5-20% of your net income. What to do with all of that money? Anything you want. Most create an emergency fund, then Continue Reading

Ways Young People Can Build A Strong Credit Record


Looking to build a strong credit history? Great. We are explaining just how to do that. It is not simple by no means, but if it was simple, everyone would have done it. Loan Away has attached a great guide by Forbes as a reference. Fobes was used because they asked 10 members of their Financial council Continue Reading

Using Your Saving To Pay Off Debt?


Should or should you not? Well, this depends on several factors like if you have children, do you pay rent or a mortgage, debt interest rate, and more. We are using the example below from two cents Lifehackers. The question is "I have $2000 credit card debt at 6.9% and $4000 in savings. Should I Continue Reading

Are you ready for a unplanned expense? (Most aren’t)


  Can only 39% of North Americans cover a $1,000 unplanned expense? This report is according to Bankrate. Bankrate says that if a unplanned expense happened, 39% will pay from their saving, 19% will finance with their credit card, 13% will reduce spending, 12% will borrow from a friend or family, and 5% would take out Continue Reading

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